We design, manufacture and deliver tank systems.

We specialize in the production of carbon and stainless steel tanks.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe design, manufacture and deliver steel tanks and have done so for many years. In the last five years alone, we have successfully completed customer orders for over 400 special tanks, devices and metal constructions. Many of them were put into operation in the technological lines of industrial plants, others serve as equipment of large boiler rooms, water treatment stations, power plants and structures. Other are used as storage tanks for water, heating oil, other liquids, litter materials or gases.


Zbiorniki podziemneWe offer buffer tanks, heat reservoirs (hot water storage), hot water heating (heat exchangers), drinking and rain water tanks, fire extinguishing tanks and water supply tanks. We manufacture above-ground and underground tanks, single-and double-walled tanks designed for hazardous substances.

Zbiorniki na wodę pitnąIn particular, we specialize in manufacturing of underground drinking water tanks, double-walled heating oil tanks, tanks for toxic or acidic substances, as well as hot water storage tanks and hot water heating systems holding more than 1,500 liters.

We don’t just have steel tanks on offer. We also manufacture industrial steel constructions, mixing tanks, exchangers, disk granulators as well as apparatus and devices for chemical processes.

Our activity includes manufacturing both standard tanks and devices according to to our documentation as well as non-standard tanks on special orders, which we manufacture pursuant to our own documentation or the documentation entrusted to us by our customers.

Zbiorniki ciśnienioweAt our disposal we have a modern machine park, devices for cutting, burning, milling and winding, welding devices from leading manufacturers ESAB and Kemppi, blasting equipment and systems for hydrodynamic airless spray painting.

Our technical and technological equipment makes it possible for us to manufacture the tanks from our range independently and at a high quality level.


Metal Zbiorniki Norbert Tomaszewski
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