Disc granulators

Disk granulators are used to agglomerate litter material. As a result, larger particles are obtained from a large number of small particles while maintaining the original physical properties except for size and shape.

Granulation efficiency approx. 2000 kg per hour depending i. a. on the bulk density of the material to be granulated. Disc diameter 2000 mm, disc depth 600 mm. The disc is driven by a gear motor with smooth speed control during operation, within the range from 10 to 40 revolutions. Rotating, two-armed scraper on the bottom of the disc, driven by an independent gear motor. The disc edge is cleaned with a fixed scraper with adjustable pressure. Three-point water shower. Built-in granulator designed for dedusting. Switching on the disc and scraper drive and setting the speed and angle of inclination of the disc can be achieved manually using the buttons on the control cabinet or by granulation line’s remote control.


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