Stainless steel tanks

We manufacture pressure and pressureless tanks made of stainless and acid-resistant steel, with capacities from 100 to 100,000 liters according to our own documentation or one provided by the customer. Steel grades from this product group most frequently used by us are: 1.4301/1.4307 (304/304L), 1.4541 (321), 1.4404 (316L) and 1.4571 (316Ti). The main type of steel used in the manufacturing process of tanks is sheet metal manufactured in accordance with the EN10088-2 and EN10028-7 standards. With regard to sheet thicknesses of up to 6 mm, we use cold-rolled sheets with 2B surface smoothness, foiled on one or both sides. For bigger thicknesses (8 mm and more) for manufacturing tanks we use hot-rolled sheets with a 1D surface.

We make stainless steel tanks as pressure tanks (up to 20 bar), low-pressure tanks (up to 0.5 bar) and pressureless tanks. In this category tanks can be made as single-walled or double-walled and can be used for storing or heating water, other liquids or gases. Stainless steel tanks are often used for the storage of hazardous substances with acidic properties which are highly corrosive to carbon steel.

The undeniable advantage of using stainless steel over carbon steel is its greater durability and resistance to most substances. Stainless steel tanks do not corrode in the normal way and will not give in most areas of application over many years. They do not corrode, do not break (like plastic tanks) and are maintenance-free. If you value the quiet, long-term operation of metal tanks, you should opt for stainless steel tanks from the group offered here.



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